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What is NewPay?

It’s great being able to spread the cost when you buy, but you always need to do your research on finance. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions, from how it works to how much it costs, to give you peace of mind about Newpay.

What is Newpay?
Who are NewDay?
Is there a minimum spend?
Can I apply for Newpay?
Can I still apply if I have bad credit?
When will I find out if I’ve been accepted for Newpay?
Will you do a credit check?
Will my credit rating be affected?
What will you do with the information I give you?
Where can I get a copy of my credit agreement?
If my application’s declined, can I apply for Newpay again?
If my application’s declined, can I appeal the decision?
If I change my mind, can I cancel my Newpay application?
Can I pay a deposit?
When can I start using Newpay?
Can I have more than one purchase on the same payment plan?
What happens if I need to return an item?
When and how will I get a statement?
How do I make a payment?
Are there any extra hidden costs to Newpay?
When does NewDay charge interest?
What should I do if I’m having financial difficulties?
What happens if I can’t afford my monthly instalment payment?
What is a credit limit?
How do I change my credit limit?
How do I change the details on my Newpay account?
What happens if I don’t recognise a transaction on my account or I suspect fraud?
Can I close my Newpay account?
What should I do if I’m unhappy with how the process has gone?
Who can I contact if I have any more questions about my Newpay account?

Got any questions? Get in touch today to find out more: 01792 790990