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Tec Arc TT1000 Dual Voltage Welding Turntable – 0.2RPM – 15RPM / Max Load 100KG Max Load

Tec Arc TT1000 Dual Voltage Welding Turntable – 0.2RPM – 15RPM / Max Load 100KG Max Load

Key features

  • Ideal for high speed MIG welding jobs
  • Maximum load of 100KG
  • High speed-low torque
  • TACO option available - provides the most stable and consistant speed control
  • Protected from HF interference
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TT1000 Dual Voltage Welding Turntable produces fast circular welds, good for welding pipes, tubes, flanges, cylinders, etc.

The TT1000 is perfect for rapidly positioning work for welding and other applications.

  • On the front pannel there is a switch to select clockwise or anticlockwise rotation
  • Knob to control the speed
  • High-low speed range switch for more accurate settings.
  • The position of the turntable can be at any angle between horizontal and 90 degrees
  • A hand wheel drives a warm gear
  • To adjust this angle a hand wheel fits at the rear.
  • The table has a lock-off device fitted to it to prevent the table from accidentally moving or knocking off the angle.

The table is machined with 6 slots 90X12mm for mounting jigs or the chuck.

The table is also scored every 30mm with a circle. It is to assist in the accurate setting up of the job. Under the table is a substantial brass bush arrangement for the welding earth return and we supply a bare ended 2M welding lead attached to this. The TT600 and TT1000 are ideal products for general low precision light applications and where fast rotation is important

Technical data of TT1000 Dual Voltage Welding Turntable

  • Supply voltage - 110/230V
  • Max load (horizontal) - 60KG
  • Max load at 90 - 25KG
  • Table diameter - 305mm
  • Speed range - 0.5-12 rpm
  • Max welding current - 350A @ 60%
  • Approx table height - 380mm
  • Approx foot print W/L - 440mm


Remote socket for stop/start to interface with a robot, welding machine, etc

Control to give automatic start and stop of rotation with the welding current.

Foot pedal to give stop-start of the rotation with variable speed control on the pedal and start of the power source as well if required.

Timer control (for pool delay or spot welds, etc) & output to drive the power source, so only one control signal is needed to start the whole process.

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